Guess who’s back… back again…

Hello friends…

I’m back and more excited than ever.

The past months of this blog took an unexpected turn. I began with intentions of using this space as a creative outlet and somewhere along the line, I sort of lost the objective of my quest: to find my personal style.

I got stuck on trying to produce interesting content and lost what I had loved about this blog idea in the first place… the personal creative outlet. I wasn’t really all that proud of what I had made. So, this is the do-over.

As much as I tell myself I’m “a numbers person”, I’ve always needed an opportunity to be creative. In high school and university, it was hair, makeup and nail art. Today, its’s hours of creating Pinterest mood boards, dreaming up outfits and imagining a perfectly curated lifestyle. That’s what I’ll be sharing here.

Can’t wait to get back at it 🙂

xoxo Caitlin

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