Basics: Must-Haves To Make Dressing Simple – PT 2 TANKS AND T-SHIRTS

Hey everyone!

I’m back with some more of my thoughts on wardrobe basics for easy and versatile dressing! In this post, we’ll cover tanks and tees any why they’re pretty much all I wear day to day.

Basic tees and tanks are amazing wardrobe additions because they essentially expand your wardrobe into a ton of new outfits you didn’t previously have. For example, a pair of straight-leg cropped navy work pants that you typically wear with a button down or blazer can be paired with an effortless white tee and sneakers and finished off with a denim jacket for an adorable springtime look. Once you have your basics down, the possibilities are endless.

I like to ensure that I always have simple, comfy short sleeved t-shirts in at least black, white and grey. ASOS sells multipacks with each of these colours for around $30. One of these tees with a pair of jeans are the perfect base for tons or adorable outfits.




In addition to the tees, a solid collection of tanks and camisoles are extremely versatile for the warmer months. Camisoles can even be super useful during the fall and winter as they look great paired under a cardigan, sweater or leather jacket. Camisoles can get pretty pricey really fast and although there is a ton of really gorgeous high end options (ie. Cami NYC), my favourite place to go for camisoles is definitely H&M.

Tanks and camis are often sold as bodysuits, which can be an amazing choice for anyone who likes to wear their tops tucked in – like I do – as you don’t have to constantly be re-tucking and your look is always neat and sleek.




Camisole (on sale!!)

Now that we’ve covered basic jeans and tops, we already have the basis for a ton of different outfits!

I’m loving sharing my thoughts on building a wardrobe here and I’ll be back soon with lots more!!

xoxo, Caitlin



Currently Craving: Gold Statement Earrings

Hello friends,

Today I’m coming at you with some GORGEOUS statement earrings. These are all so pretty and unique, but the best part….? They’re all SO AFFORDABLE!! If you know me, you know I LOVE a great deal. YAHOOOOO – check it out.


Nordstrom Rack




Nasty Gal




Nasty Gal

I hope you love these stunning picks as much as I do!

xoxo Caitlin

I have an idea…

Hi friends!

So like I said in my last post, I’ve been dreaming about starting a blog for ages, but never really had the confidence to take the leap and try it out.

There are a few factors that have been holding me back for some time. The first being that putting yourself out there can be quite challenging. We all worry to some extent about what others think of us and our decisions. Well, recently I decided that I’d rather take this chance in my life and risk embarrassment than live unfulfilled and wondering.

I love fashion and everything beauty: clothing, jewelry, make up, hair, nails, skincare, perfume, EVERYTHING. However, that’s certainly not to say that I’m particularly knowledgeable when it comes to any of these. I fear that I don’t have the skill to come off as someone giving advice. So herein lies my hesitation to start a fashion blog.

I love following my bloggers – it’s a highlight of every day. However, I never felt that my personal style is anywhere near on par with theirs. Then I had the (admittedly brilliant) idea to dig deep into the archives of all my favorite bloggers and see where they started. Guess what I found… they all started exactly where I’m starting. Shocking, I know. I think this is what people mean when they say “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”… EVERYONE starts somewhere and more often then not, they too started with lower quality photos, less polished poses and outfits that are nowhere near as beautifully styled as the ones they post today.

So, I’m taking the plunge. I like writing..  but only for topics that captivate me. I love fashion and I really want to further curate my personal style. I also want to create a community for myself full of girls who love the same things that I do. I’ve always loved the idea of having loads of friends, but being somewhat of an introvert, I don’t have the easiest time putting myself out there to meet new people.

This brings me to my big idea. I’ve never really seen anything like this being done. I want to start a fashion blog… AND vlog the whole experience. That may sounds weird, but I figure there has to be people like me all over the world dying to get into blogging, but having hesitations and no idea where to start.

I’m a natural student, so I’ve done lots of research. I want to pass on what I’m learning as well as what I did to get this blog up and running  (and hopefully soon gaining some readers). I want to show the behind the scenes – whatever that’s going to look like – as well as my mistakes and lessons along the way. This way, maybe all of you can feel a little more confident in starting your own blog, knowing that all other bloggers had to go through the same trials and learn the same lessons when they started theirs.

Talk soon friends,





I’m Caitlin and I’ve been an avid blog-lover for as long as blogs have been “A THING.” Soooo… I figured, it’s about time I start my own.

My daily reading list includes:

  • Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell – I love how she shares her sweet family and gorgeous home. Not to mention her impeccable, fun style.
  • The Sweetest Thing by Emily Gemma – Her hair, her lashes, her hubby, her baby, her WARDROBE. OMG she is just so lovely (and hilarious!)
  • Southern Curls & Pearls by Caitlin Covington – Caitlin seems like the sweetest girl and her style is so well put together, plus she’s so well-written.
  • Gal Meets Glam by Julia Engel – I’ve been reading Julia’s blog since pretty much the beginning. It’s been so amazing and inspiring to see how its grown and changed over the years – and her husband takes all of her stunning photos. AMAZING husband and wife team.

These ladies have been a part of my daily life for years now. If you haven’t checked them out, you need to. Right now.

So now you know who I like to keep up with, but you don’t know much else about me. Here are a few things to get you up to speed.

  1. First and foremost, I love everything fashion and beauty
  2. But, I’m still figuring out what my style is and I’m not 100% confident that I know what I want that to look like yet
  3. I recently graduated with a degree in business finance, which I love, but I don’t want to make a career out of – a need something a little more creative (as much as I LOVE numbers), but I’m not really sure what that’ll be yet
  4. I’ve been a vegetarian – mostly plant-based – for the past 3 years, but before that I went back and forth (probably 4 or 5 times) for 4 years
  5. I’m constantly learning. I seek out new podcasts, self-improvement books and courses all the time to develop some skills in all the subjects that I’m interested in because, again, I don’t really know what I want to do
  6. I love it when bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers keep  things real with their followers. I think social media has a way of pressuring us all to show only the very best part of our lives, which honestly, isn’t very realistic. Sometimes its nice to see someone online open up about something that’s totally not going their way. It makes them seem more human in a way.
  7. I LOVE FLOWERS. Can you tell? My favorites are peonies, white roses and hydrangeas.. so pretty.

Well. Now you know a little something about me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post. I’m so excited to come back with more for ya!

Bye friends,